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Clicker Ring Clicino ®
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Clicker Ring in 13 colors
Clicino Clicker Ring in 13 colors
Clicino Clicker Ring
Clicino developed in Switzerland

The Clicino® Clicker Ring

by Animal Balanced Products & Training

The Clicker Ring "CLICINO" revolutionizes your handling and timing!

unique and functional in form and handling

Swiss development

Ken Ramirez, Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behavior, presents the Clicino

"Video originally published on Karen Pryor Clicker Training. Republished with permission."

I love what I do. I live this passion every day!

The idea

The "CLICINO" combines design, comfort and function


A loyal companion who is always there ...

sits exactly where it should ...

always close to your thumb!

The Clicker Ring lets both hands do what they should


Carry shopping bags ...

Lead dog leash ...

Take Rewards ...


this list can be added almost endlessly!

The Clicker Ring is suitable for training & education

with all our pets, no matter if they are








... but also with zoo and wild animals

where a willingness to cooperate is known to be a prerequisite!

The CLICINO is not just a clicker

it`s a clicker!

as well as a ring!





suitable for everyday use



high wearing comfort

appealing design

and trendy colors

Clicino Clicker Ring in 13 colors
Clicino Clicker Ring in 13 colors

Current info

I am looking for more Clicino Clicker Ring sales partners

You want to sell the Clicino in your dog school or store?


Then just write me a message!


If you share my principles for modern, fair & force-free training

and a comradely and respectful cohabitation of humans and animals,

then you are exactly the right partner for the Animal Balanced Products!



After a positive marker signal, there must always be a direct positive reward for the dog.


The use of food is widespread, but does not exhaust the opportunities to work with marker signals. That's why you should build a very comprehensive reward system.


A dog wants a lot more than just food. Work with his current need and motivation.


Behavior + consequence = learning process

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